Nevada Agricultural Fair

(previously known as the Silver & Sage Youth Show)

Douglas County Fairgrounds


DRIVERS! Be sure to register soon.

Thursday, July 7th:

Lawnmower Races & Tug-O-War:

Get your Lawnmowers ready; stock class , drivetrain mods class, and modified class.

Bring your Cars, trucks, SUV's, UTV's, and Semi-Trucks. See the Tug-O-War rules.

Friday, July 8th:

Demolition Derby Night:

Double Demo U, Minivan Debauchery, The Main Event.

Get your derby cars ready!

Saturday, July 9th:


Tuff truck style night!

Get your trucks, Subarus, Jeeps, Exploders, UTVS, and so on!

Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you to all who joined us in 2021 & helped raise money for both our local youth and the Tamarack Fire victims.

If you're interested in being in the events or being a sponsor, click the links below!